Different Strokes

That some achieve great success is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.
These words by former US President Abraham Lincoln are inspiring enough to instill a new zeal in any individual. The only thing that differentiates those who succeed n those who don’t is the persistence and the determination to hang on while everyone has given up hope. We have around us numerous people who have carved out their own niche. Such people are a great source of inspiration for many.

The theme ’Different Strokes’ for the TEDx event to be organized by NMIMS Bangalore early next year aims to bring few such inspiring people at a common platform and take the students, soon going to be professionals , through their journey.

During the session our speakers will share their experiences and how they realized their goals in their chosen respective fields. The speakers will offer valuable insight into what it takes to stand apart in the crowd, how one can identify and enhance his/her special talents and channelize them in the best possible way.The idea is to get a closer view of the recipe of success and make it a lifetime experience for all.