Deepta is a dancer, an equestrian and a traveler, constantly seeking adventure and change. Raised in multicultural Malaysia, she has a deep love for the rainforest, and for the peculiarities of places, people and their cultures. Although she is a trained architect and ecological planner, she has become critical of the way in which development occurs across the globe, recognizing the importance of the way in which we see the world and engage in it, through our practices. Her research interest is primarily in the area of resilience and adaptation. In order to explore and invent these new ways of seeing the world, Deepta co-founded the Law+Environment+Design Laboratory on a flash grant from the Shuttleworth Foundation. The lab is an initiative of the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology and Natural Justice, and is set up to challenge current social, economic, cultural and ecological frameworks, through an interdisciplinary and creative approach. She leads collaborative design research in various contentious landscapes, and also offers interdisciplinary projects to design students at Srishti. She holds a Master of City Planning from the University of Pennsylvania, USA, and a Bachelor of Architecture from Manipal Institute of Technology, India