Montry Manuel, a percussionist was born and brought up at Cochin, had the love for music since his childhood. He was influenced by his father for all his creative ways of living and love for music. He was trained by his guru Jerry Peter who instilled in him the love of drums. He later learned about the finer nuances of different drumming styles from Jeoraj Stanley. Thaalavattam was formed in 2012, and in Malayalam, the word means “ A Circle of Rhythm”. Music breaks barriers set by language, cultures and beyond, hence Thaalavattam aims to inspire people to reuse, reduce and upcycle in fun, creative ways. Montry’s vision is to do whatever possible to clean up the waste that is plaguing India. Thaalavattam produces unique sounds from upcycled materials like (discarded PVC pipes, Drums made of paint cans, tins, plastic bottles, shock absorber springs, cycle sprocket, scrap pipe etc.).