At an age when little children play with toys and in parks, Vani began her journey with classical dance. She was four years old and it was her mother who inculcated her into this art form. Vani has been working tirelessly in the field of dance for close to five decades now.

Vani’s training began with Guru T.A.Rajalakshmi in Calcutta and in three years she performed her Arangetram, her first public performance at the age of seven. From there on the art form took a special place in her life, inseparable and supportive.

Vani later trained under the Guru of Sri Rajarajeshwari of Bharatha Natya Kala Mandir Mumbai, Gurus Mahalingam Pillai, Govindaraja Pillai and Kalyanasundaram. This was the time when Vani performed a duet with her sister, Meera and both stormed the world of dance with their vivacious and emotive performances. Vani and Meera were featured in all the big events and festivals of those times. The combination of Vani and Meera, their mother Indubala Ganapathy’s vocal support and of course Guru Kalayanasundaram’s intricate choreography set the stage on fire and had the audience mesmerized. The dancing duo was often asked to perform at the Raj Bhavan in Bombay for every foreign or Indian dignitary who visited. Vani Ganapathy is amongst the top Bharata Natyam dancers of India today. Vani has performed extensively all over the country and abroad.

Vani has recently done a new production Dwaaram – The Door which has been very well acclaimed. She had meticulously crafted this `door’ and her `creation’ has never failed to enthral the audience. Dwaaram is a colourful ode to doors, based on the transitions and thoughts of man from the world of maya to the spiritual world through the perspective of five doors – Rajadwaaram, palace door; Veeradwaaram, fortress door; Gruhadwaaram, a common house door; Daivadwaaram, divine door and Athmadwaaram, the door of the soul. This production is a captivating autobiographical journey of these portals, which are mute witnesses to the world outside and within.

Vani runs a dance institution, ‘SANCHARI’ where she herself trains a lot of enthusiastic and dedicated youngsters. In recent times Vani has started including her senior students in her performances. Vani has a profound interest in interior decoration, which she pursued till a year and a half ago until she got busy with Dwaaram.

Vani has been on the Censor Board Committee and the Doordarshan Committee for three years. Vani has also been on the Jury of the Indian Panorama for the International Film Festival. In this age, where technology is blooming, Vani would also love to create her very own smartphone application, where one could view her performance videos, her upcoming performances’ details and even including her young students’ shows as well. She wants to construct an application where viewing and learning go hand in hand. Vani in her own small way contributes to the less fortunate in this World by doing some work for them and with them – like the Spastics, the Disabled, the Blind and other organisations like Helpage India, Pro-vision Asia, Spastic Society of India and many others.  

Vani feels that dancing demands the most arduous discipline and to perform it with dedication and involvement is a great responsibility. Vani enjoys her dancing and for her the greatest wonder of life is the spirit of dance.