Padmini Ravi has a journey in dance for over 4 decades. An exponent of the ancient craft of Bharatanatyam in Bangalore, a performer and teacher, reveals a new dimension to dance. The past years of international travel and exposure brings a new approach to dance. Following her initial success in the classical arts, Padmini went on to explore the allied art forms such as theatre, folk forms, classical music, and cinematography. Padmini has trained over 500 students internationally. The relationships shared along the journey exposed the various elements of dance that did not fall as a part of main stream training. Upon detailed and in depth research came the clarity that these elements of dance which are not mainstream are a core part of the craft as per its origin. Her students have now branched out into independent schools in choreography, teaching and training, performance, television and cinema. Being the recipient of the Sangeetha Nritya Academy Award as well as the State Rajyotsava Award for her contribution to the field of dance Padmini’s name is synonymous with innovation, integrity and quality. Padmini Ravi has conducted and participated in seminars, workshops, chamber performances and performance tours around the world, networking with a range of organisations such as universities, sabhas, and students’ networks. She has also collaborated with theatre and music groups to create new performance texts in the arts.