The brainchild of Mumbai-based audio-visual artist, Sachin Shetty, Drift is a multidisciplinary art project which began as a manifestation of subconscious visions and continues to be an expression in letting go. Sachin, who has a past-life history with advertising production, works variously with video, sound, line-based drawings, animation and street art that finds expression at varying scales. His process is mostly an intuitive intersection between mediums, heavily influenced by science fiction, patterns in nature and urban underground culture. Rendered almost exclusively in a monochromatic palette and line-based compositions that have come to be synonymous with Drift, the final works have a hypnotic, meditative quality. Having had a strong presence in the Indian street art scene, Drift is passionate about using street art to establish deeper connections with people. “I love street art as a form of expression because it is open to everybody who uses the streets as a transition space in their waking moments”, says Sachin.