Professor Sangeetha Menon heads the Consciousness Studies Programme at the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Bangalore, and works with her colleagues and collaborators across the world in creating and encouraging a first-person centered approach to understanding consciousness and cognitive capabilities that favours experiential wellbeing for all.

One of her primary contributions in consciousness studies is in presenting and engaging with the concept and experience of self from the neurobiological and philosophical point of views, and theorizing a ‘self-challenged brain and brain-challenged self’. Her major area of research is in philosophy of psychology. Her latest books published by Springer are: “Brain, Self and Consciousness: Explaining the conspiracy of experience; and “Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Consciousness and the Self”(Ed.).

In August 2007 she was invited to be a distinguished member of the International Society for Science and Religion whose 100 plus invited members, in science, philosophy and other disciplines, include Nobel laureates. Dr. Menon has visited, spoken and offered Courses at many Universities in her country, United States, England and Australia; London, Oxford, Germany, Paris, Rome, Spain, Melbourne, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Moscow. She was invited to be a panelist at the World Parliament of Religions, Melbourne 2009. Along with her, the seven panelists included Dr. Peter Doherty, the Nobel Prize winner for Medicine in 1996. Apart from her academic interests she writes poetry, fiction, and is an avid photographer, artist and web-designer.