Shreena Thakore is the co-founder of No Country For Women – an organization dedicated to fighting systemic-gender based discrimination in India. While studying at Brown University, USA, she realized that there was a significant gap between the space of academia, where the socio-cultural causes of gender-based discrimination are analyzed, and the space of activism, where social change is actually executed. Due to this disconnect, change-makers are not equipped with the appropriate analytical and introspective tools to effect lasting change. As a result, existing solutions and social activist movements tend to be ineffective or misguided. Shreena co-founded NCFW to bridge this gap. So far, NCFW workshops have reached 7000 students across 35 institutions in 17 cities.She is a Projects For Peace Fellowship recipient and a fierce optimist.In her spare time, she can be found reading critical theory at various hidden cafes around the city and hastily scribbling away on tissues.